Exploring Technologies

Grade nine and ten students are treated to a wide variety of technical areas including woodworking, electricity, AutoCAD, automotive technology, webpage design, and computer technology to name just a few. These courses develop basic skills needed for further study at the grade eleven and twelve levels to allow students to confidently pursue the technological subjects that interest them the most.

Communication Technology

Students interested in computer animation, sound and video recording, and website design will find the grade eleven and twelve courses very interesting and engaging. If you like working with computers and audio/video equipment, this is the course for you.

Medicine & Health

Students interested in a career in any health care field will find the health and personal services course interesting and informative. Students will learn basic clinical skills such as measuring vital signs and patient movement using proper equipment. Along with these hands-on experiences, students also learn about skills and career options from experts in the community.

Construction Technology

Students who like working with tools will enjoy the grade eleven and twelve construction courses. Carpentry and cabinet making are addressed and students will have opportunities to design and build projects of their own creation.

Computer Science & Engineering

Interested in programming or building computers? These courses offered at the grade eleven and twelve levels will challenge your ability. Students are given the opportunity to program computer games and applications as well as getting inside the computers to work with the various devices.

Architectural Design

These courses cover a wide variety of topics including residential design, landscape architecture, site planning, civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, interior design, and much more. Students with a passion for design, engineering, or drawing will find these courses fun and rewarding. For more information about this program, click here.

 Technological Design:

These grade eleven courses are offered in the STEP and Laptop programs. Students can choose between a Mining pathway or a Medical and Health pathway. Both programs are tailored to raise awareness of the needs of our own community and take advantage of local expertise and resources.

Transportation Technology

Students who like working on cars, snow machines and small engines will find what they’re looking for here. The grade eleven program allows students to work on many different aspects of motorized vehicles and the grade twelve course allows students to work on their own projects as well.  To learn more, click here. You can also visit the teacher page: click here.