Student at a drafting table


The architecture program at Lockerby has been the longest running course of its kind in the Rainbow board. To keep up with the changing trends and evolving technologies, architecture at Lockerby offers students the opportunity to use state of the art software such as AutoCAD and Revit.

Lockerby architecture students are among the most versatile anywhere. Sign up for grade 11 architecture (TDA3M) or grade twelve architecture (TDA4M).  No previous drawing or computer experience needed.

Although technology has changed the way in which buildings are designed and drafted, traditional methods are still taught in class because that is what professional schools of architecture still teach as well. Sketching, drawing, drafting, and colouring:  all a part of the grade 11 and grade 12 architecture program.

Collage of architectural drawings

The architecture program has diversified to include opportunities to learn about landscape architecture, interior design, urban planning, civil engineering, and much more.

The grade twelve program allows students a wide variety of opportunities to explore a design discipline of their choice, to help prepare them for their post-secondary pursuits. Students can build actual models from a wide variety of materials. Tangible, hands-on structures or systems that the students can physically create.

In partnership with the Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation, among others, Lockerby students have submitted design work for various projects in Sudbury.

Composite showing house and construction detail

Here’s a little video by grade 10 students explaining their introduction to architecture.  To see examples of grade 11 and grade 12 student work and to learn more about architecture at Lockerby, click here.