Mining Engineering SHSM

Mining Engineering SHSM

Four students in front of Hatch sign.

At Lockerby, we offer the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Mining that enables students to customize their high school experience to suit their interests and talents and to gain sector-identified preparatory skills and knowledge to provide a distinct advantage for students interested in Mining careers.

The mining sector needs engineers, and students at Lockerby interested in engineering have the opportunity to take advantage of the Engineering Physics Course. Engineering is an applied science and this Grade 11 physics course will introduce students to some of these principles with special projects and guest speakers from the engineering field.

In addition to completing a bundle of ten courses with units developed with a mining sector focus, students will be offered a number of mining-related certifications such as:

  • Young Employee Safety
  • Standard First Aid
  • CPR
  • Lockout and Tagging
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Fall Arrest Awareness

These certifications, with an emphasis on good safety practices, will provide students with a distinct advantage when entering the workplace in a mining-related field. Furthermore, SHSM – Mining students will have the opportunity to have an incredible learning experience, through ongoing collaboration with industry and education partners such Vale, Hatch Engineering, Walbridge Mining, Dynamic Earth, and Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations.

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