Interior Design

Welcome  to Lockerby’s  Interior  Design  class.   This  course  is a Grade 11 STEP option for those who enjoy mixing design,  art and architecture in a hands-on way. The focus of the course is planning interior spaces to suit a client’s need or style, but students learn a variety of skills that will inspire them to undertake their own home improvement projects.

A popular creative endeavour  is the repurposing  project where students ‘up-cycle’  a discarded  object to give it a new decorative or functional appeal.  This project stresses the design process and takes place in the woodshop where students can practice their use of tools and machines with a variety of media and materials.

Each  week  we  have  a  studio  session  called  “Design  Friday”. Groups of students present hands-on  skills and lead activities that teach  anything  from  painting  techniques  to drywall  repair.   This is a relaxed way to practice a new skill and share design ideas. Throughout the course,  students  keep a sketchbook  of drawings to record their progress and prepare a portfolio of their best work as the final activity in the course.