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Reopening Update #3

Hello Vikings!

The 2021 – 2022 school year begins this coming Tuesday (September 7th, 2021) and we are certainly looking forward to connecting with everyone again.  A few important messages…

Welcome Back – First Day of School Arrival

Welcome Vikings – we are all excited to connect with you again!

  • For students being dropped-off by bus on Ramsey Lake Road, we ask that you enter the building through the Main Entrance Doors.
  • For students being dropped-off by bus at the side of the school, we ask that you enter the building through our Guidance Doors.
  • For students being dropped-off by parents/guardians or are walking to school, we ask that you enter the building through the Main Entrance Doors.

As you enter the building at your designated entrance, you will be required to hand sanitize, find your homeroom classroom number on the walls nearby both entrances (without congregating) and proceed directly to your homeroom classroom.  Students will not be allowed to congregate in the hallways in order to maintain cohorting. Students will notice posters, directional arrows and hallway divisions to ensure that everyone is moving to class in the proper direction and in ensuring distancing.  As always, our ‘distancing staff welcome committee’ will be in the hallways to answer questions, show students to classrooms, and make sure that our school entry runs smoothly.  Once students are in their homeroom classes, they will receive their timetables and learn about our school procedures.


It is important to note that students, teachers, and school staff must self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 before leaving home.  Students (and staff) who are unwell must stay home from school, should look to seek medical attention and testing.  Again, students must stay home if they have symptoms or are ill.  Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to use Ontario’s online self-assessment tool daily at:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Students

All students from Grades 1-12 are required to wear a non-medical (or cloth) mask.  It will be the students’ responsibility to ensure that their mask is washed on a daily basis.  We are recommending that students carry an extra mask with them each day.  Students must wear their mask throughout the entirety of the day including in hallways and during classes.  It is also recommended that students bring a storage container/envelope for mask ‘safe-keeping’ when they are removed.

Personal Belongings – Lockers

This year, Lockerby Composite School will be issuing lockers to students (lockers will be spaced throughout the school).  Students will be receiving their lockers on the first day of classes, where they are to keep their personal belongings.  Students will be able to access their lockers in the morning before heading to their homeroom class, at the beginning of lunch, following lunch, and at the end of the day.  Due to cohorting restrictions, students are not allowed to congregate at their lockers in groups.  We are also asking that all students minimize the number of belongings they bring to school and we are asking that students bring a refillable water bottle to school for the water filling stations (all traditional water fountains will be turned off/removed).

Remote Leaners – Virtual Secondary School

Rainbow District School Board advises secondary students who have opted for remote learning, that timetables are currently being finalized.  Remote learners will receive a call with information about their courses and schedules from the Virtual Secondary School.  Secondary students will have dedicated teachers for remote learning and as mentioned in the original school board survey, some timetable changes may be required for remote learners.

Student Timetables

All Lockerby Composite School students will be attending school every day each week.  Students will continue to take 4 credits/subjects in the first semester.  The timetable below has been designed to limit contacts.  The Week 1 and Week 2 schedule covers all periods:

week 1 week 2 timetables

Our School Day Schedule

Our School Day Schedule has been modified from our traditional schedule and is divided by ‘Coded Course.’  Below are some examples of ‘Coded Courses’ that are found on student timetables (to be re-distributed on the first day of classes in homerooms).

  • SNC1P0-01: Grade 9 Coded Class
  • FIF2DI-01:    Grade 10 Coded Class
  • TGJ3M0-01: Grade 11 Coded Class
  • ENG4UL-01: Grade 12 Coded Class

Students will be receiving further instructions about our school day structure in their homeroom classes on their first days.  In the interim, below are 2-sets of our School Day Schedule (which may need to be amalgamated based on each student’s individual timetables).

bell times 9 and 10

bell times 11 and 12

Hallway Traffic and Movement

Please note that throughout the school there will be directional posters, arrows, and dots to indicate traffic flow.  Again, tape will be placed on the floor to separate direction of movement and we will continue to encourage students to maintain distancing in the hallways.  Our staff will be out in the hallways for all transitions to ensure distancing and proper flow to classes (based on grade-level staggering).  It’s a tradition at Lockerby Composite to have staff in the hallways at the beginning of the day and throughout transitions, breaks, and lunch as part of our invitational learning initiatives.

School Signage

COVID-19 signage will be placed on walls and floors to help students maintain distance.  The signage will be posted at entrances, in classrooms, large spaces, meetings spaces, and other rooms.  Throughout our school, tape will be used in the middle of the hallways to separate flow of hallway movement.  Likewise, floor decals (arrows and dots) will be specifically placed on the floor – please note that each colour doesn’t represent anything specific.

Lunch – Cafeteria / Auditorium

Based on our new schedule, our Grade 9/10 and 11/12 lunch start times will be staggered.  Students choosing to leave the building at the start of the lunch period will be allowed to do so.  Please note, however, that if students leave the building during the lunch period, they must remain outside until 5 minutes before the start of their Period 2 or Period 4 class.  Students choosing to remain in the building will be cohorted in the Cafeteria or Auditorium with the cohort in which they arrived, and there will be designated seating for each of these cohorts/classes.  During lunch periods, these students will be allowed to leave the Cafeteria or Auditorium if they are a Grade 12 student with a Period 2 or Period 4 spare (they can leave the building after their Period 1 or Period 3 class); if they need to use the washroom/get a drink from the refillable station; if a school club is running; or if they have eaten and there is an opportunity go outside.  Again, please note that if students leave the building during the lunch period, they must remain outside until 5 minutes before the start of their Period 2 or Period 4 class.  Students re-entering the building will be following re-entry procedures (ie. hand sanitizing) and will proceed directly to their class, once they visit their lockers (no congregation).  These students must enter through the our main set of doors set of doors.

Please note that our Cafeteria Servery will be open at lunchtimes only.  Debit transactions or Zipthru cards will be the method of payment for Cafeteria Servery purchases.  More information regarding purchases can be found at and at the Cafeteria Servery.  A Zipthru app has also been developed for pre-ordering.  Vending machines and microwaves will be in service.

School Day Dismissal

Our school day dismissal will be staggered and will begin at 2:20pm.  Students will be dismissed via the PA system to preserve busing cohorts as much as possible.  Bus numbers (including walkers/pick-ups) and exit door location will be announced (in intervals) based on Sudbury Busing Consortium times and bus location (Ramsey View Court and Guidance Entrance).  Students are asked to sit in their classroom seats until their bus is called and students will then be asked to exit the building using arrows and signage (stopping at their lockers before exit).

School Policies / Procedures / Protocols / Expectations

A presentation to students that includes new school procedures, overviews of health and safety protocols, and school-year programming expectations (by way of homeroom teachers on students’ first day of classroom instruction) will occur the first day of classes.  The contents of this presentation will also be shared with our parents/guardians (by way of our website).  Please know that we will also provide weekly Friday updates through our ‘Lockerby Newsletter’ (shared by way of email communication to parents/guardians and sharing on our social media websites).  Likewise, we will have daily school video announcements from our Student Council.


To reiterate information that is contained in Rainbow District School Board’s Reopening Guide (2021), vaccination is an important tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and allow students, families, and staff to safely resume normal activities.  Vaccination rates may provide opportunities to reduce measures over time.  Our Viking Community can learn more about COVID-19 vaccines for youth by visiting:

As always, thank you for your patience as we embark on this new school-year journey together – we are all excited for our start-up!