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News & Events

RDSB Skills Competition at Lockerby

by Mia Jensen.

Yesterday, students from Lockerby, Lo-Ellen, Confederation, Lively and Lasalle gathered at Lockerby to participate in the RDSB Skills Competition. Lockerby hosted 4 different events, for these schools, while other events were hosted around the city, as Lo-Ellen, Espanola, and the Carpenters Union in Azilda.


Lockerby hosted the following events with the following participants:

Coding: Lockerby

Architectural CAD: Lo-Ellen, Lively, Lasalle

Mechanical CAD: Confederation

Prepared Speech: Lockerby, Lively


Experts in each field came to the school to judge the students’ work and the those winners will be headed to provincials in Toronto.


Here are Lockerby’s winners! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated.


Computer Coding

First Place: Rogan Gutwillinger

Second Place: Arvin Koshboresh

Third Place: Zachary Ross



Second Place: Liam Petryna


Architectural Design

Third: Ethan Lavigne


Mechanical Design

Second Place: Rayaq Siddiqui

Third Place: Chad Duhamel


Small Powered Equipment

Third Place: Colby Lindroos


Prepared Speech

First Place: Kayleigh Jeanveau