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News & Events


On Monday June 3rd friends, families and peers gathered into the gymnasium at Cambrian College for a spectacular event. Graduation could not have been any better, as many awards were presented, bursary’s won and an abundance of diplomas handed out to the large Viking graduating class.

To start this great night, the award winning Lockerby band, led by Mr. Jensen, played beautifully to welcome guests and start the festivities with our National Anthem. Abby O. introduced the National Anthem perfectly. Lockerby’s Students’ Council Co-Presidents, Sophie T. and Emily L. spoke for the invocation about their experiences over the past 4 years at Lockerby, including a big, heartfelt thank you for all hard working Lockerby Staff and wished everyone the best for their future.

The first awards were the Subject Awards. These awards were given to students who excelled to the top in their class. Next, Specialist High Skills Major Certificates were handed out to those who earned either a health and wellness, mining or information and communications technology SHSM. Then, many special awards were handed to student’s that specifically fitted the award. Many student’s won special awards because of their hard work and dedication to the school.

Once all awards were given the presentation that everyone was looking forward to was soon to start. The handing out of diplomas. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018 to 2019!

After that, Ms. Hunda revealed the most outstanding young lady and Mrs. Potvin handed out the most outstanding young man awards. The introductions from both could not get any better.

At the end of the ceremony all Lockerby students were waiting anxiously for their valedictorian’s speech as Kai N. Kai was introduced by Ms. Aug who spoke highly of Kai and the odd joke would cause the crowd to erupt in laughter. After that introduction Kai had the audience’s full attention, as his speech was a perfect way to end the year with a mix of humor and sincerity that only Kai could present.

The night was filled with excitement, as the graduating Vikings are on to their next adventure, signifying the ending of a chapter of their lives by throwing their graduating caps in the air in unison. We will always be Vikings.  Congratulations to all!