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3D Design in Grade 10

Throughout the past weeks, Lockerby Tech students in Grade 10 have used AutoCad to design a useful object that they can 3D print. Students used skills they learned in class to design their own objects, by practicing how to draw single view, rectangular and cylindrical orthographic, isometric, 3D cylindrical and rectangular drawings, and then designing something of their own choosing. I chose to make a 3D cannon key chain. It features a 4 wheel cannon base, and the cannon itself. Unfortunately it does not work but it does make a cute key chain! The process began with designing the cannon using AutoCAD, then submitting to print.

Screen capture of 3D design drawing.

When finished printing, a white replica of my AutoCAD drawing was sitting in my hands. I broke off the excess plastic and then sanded to the required shape I wanted. I glued the cannon on it’s base, then proceeded to paint it. After painting, a clear coat went on and I had my cannon key chain!

-Dana S.